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Multi USB Charging Center Stooksy® Omnipodiv

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Weight: 0.311 kg per piece

The Stooksy® Omnipodiv™ ...

  • is a universal Multi USB Charging Center.
  • organizes and charges easily and safely up to four devices at the same time using a single power outlet. Thanks to your Stooksy® Omnipodiv™ your devices are always available and ready for use at a fixed place, when you need them.
  • is compatible with most Smartphones, Apple iPhones, Power Banks, MP3 Players, Apple iPods, Digital Cameras, Game Controllers, Tablets, ... (for some devices additional or different charging cables are required).
  • contains a four-port USB wall charger with EU plug, a shelf construction kit made of strong foam material, that you can – depending on your needs – place or hang on the wall charger, an adapter for German protective contact sockets providing EU plug devices with additional hold, and four 30 cm USB / Micro USB charging cables (not suitable for synchronization).
  • is easy to assemble in minutes, without any screws, nails, glue or tools.